The Color of Oneness

I woke up early to sunlight streaming through the window. It’s a beautiful day.

My thoughts turn to a recent conversation I had with someone I love dearly. I admire her for many things. But she struggles with bitter feelings about the state of the world today and about how her life has turned out. She grew up in the segregated South and still feels resentment toward the flood of immigrants and outsiders who have taken up residence in “her world.” She wishes everyone would just stay inside their own borders and not “mix.” She’s very worried about the “mixing” of peoples and races.

“Look at it this way,” I pointed out. “Ultimately, we’re all just light particles vibrating in the ether. So it’s silly to worry about superficial things like color – it would be like blue light particles deciding to hate yellow light particles in the rainbow. We’re all equal and necessary parts of what gives the rainbow its beauty.”

“Yes, but that’s just it,” she shot back. “Yellow and blue light particles don’t mix together. They know to stay on their sides of the line!”

"Maybe," I replied. "Then again, when they do get together, they make green and it's really nice to have the color green in our world, isn't it? Can you imagine the world without any green?"

As I thought about it, I realized we needed to back up and look at this another way.

“Actually, when you think about it,” I said. “A rainbow is an aberration — a temporary disturbance of light diffused through clouds after a storm. A rainbow allows us to see the component parts of the visible light spectrum. But in reality, the natural state of light is that which comes from the sun – fully merged together, each color fused and integrated into a perfect whole.”

I’m not sure I persuaded her of anything, but at least it gave us both something to mull over while we sipped our tea.

Back home, I sit here and gaze out on a bright, cloud-free world. Sunlight sparkles and shines on everything it touches. And unlike the light from a distant and ephemeral rainbow, the sun’s rays are warm and immediate on my skin. It’s a beautiful day.

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